Our favorite platforms, hosting, themes, and software systems for 2019 that our staff work with on a daily basis!
WP EasyCart
With the end of 2018, we decided to list our favorite staff technologies that we use, and expect to continue to use, in the 2019 coming year.

With somewhat of a plateau in hardware and software these days, we expect that streamlining a business is going to be the recipe for success in 2019.  Offer a good product, and it will sell.  Streamline your business, and you will make a profit.

For 2019, we have some key categories to make your online eCommerce business more streamlined, including how much per day it can cost.  These are our staff favorites, and while there are some categories that were close, you can't go wrong with these #1 picks!
It is no surprise that WordPress is the leading CMS on the market.  It is freely available and continually worked on and contributed to by millions of users.  Out of the top 1 million websites, about 32% run WordPress.  Out of the top 100 thousand websites, about 35% run WordPress.  And out of the top 10 thousand websites, about 37.5% run WordPress.

Price Per Day = $0.00
Growth Rate = Steady Increase in Popularity
Ease of Use = Average to Experienced

Almost any host has easy installers to get your website running with WordPress.  We picked it as #1 because of its low cost, active development status, and popularity with the business world.
This was actually very close with WP Engine coming in close second.  We like both platforms, and WP Engine can be a bit more expensive.  BlueHost offers very affordable shared hosting, great support, and seems to always be configured right out of the box with excellent PHP settings that work well.

Price Per Day = As low as 20 cents a day, 67 cents a day for VPS hosting
Growth Rate = Good Solid Growth Company
Ease of Use = Easy to Average with Control  Panel

We love BlueHost VPS hosting as it tends to be faster and more reliable with hungry WordPress websites, especially those running eCommerce.  For only 67 cents a day or $20 a month, their VPS hosting is a VERY good deal!
Enfold by Kriesi
We tell every customer that the theme on WordPress can make or break your site, and with Enfold being our #1 pick, you can have a professional design up in a day rather than weeks of development costs.  Choose from predefined layouts or use their page builder that is very easy to use and intuitive.

Price Per Day = $59 one time, or about 16 cents a day for a year.
Growth Rate = Elite theme with very popular growth
Ease of Use = Easy to Average

Enfold delivers top quality support for their theme, and they fully stay compatible with the latest trends.  Easy to use, intuitive page builders ( more so than wordpress editors), and professional predesigns make this our #1 theme to reach for in any project we do.
WP EasyCart
Of course we are biased, but EasyCart offers the highest ROI of any eCommerce plugin and the feature list is all included in any Pro or Premium edition.  We looked at other modular systems, which can get expensive, but with the ability to sell any product (retail, download, donation, service, invoices, gift cards, etc.) we find it hard to beat the price and capability of EasyCart.

Price Per Day = as low as 19 cents a day, or $69 a year.
Growth Rate = Increased Growth Rate
Ease of Use = Average

For as low as 19 cents a day, or $5.75 a month, EasyCart provides a full online catalog of products, shopping cart and checkout system, payment gateways, live shipping calculators, coupons, promotions, and order management all in one tool.
If you do any packaging, labeling, and shipping, ShipStation is our #1 pick for services, followed closely by Stamps.com.  ShipStation wins our #1 shipping service aware for their full service of label making, tracking, and communications to customers about package statuses.  It integrates well with our WP EasyCart extension so that orders sync directly to their service.

Price Per Day = as low as 30 cents a day, or $9 a month
Growth Rate = Solid Growth Rate
Ease of Use = Easy to Average

With order syncing directly to ShipStation, and carrier/order tracking info syncing back to EasyCart, we picked this as our #1 shipping service tool.  Pricing can increase based on number of packages you send, but the professional communication, label building, and package management make it a streamlining tool you may not be able to live without.
You Do Creative, We’ll Do the Rest.
Start your 2019 year off right with a new eCommerce plan.  Use our free 14 day PRO trial to see how powerful WP EasyCart can be. 

For as low as .19¢ a day, or $5.75/month,  you can offer professional grade eCommerce to your customers!
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