The new conditional option logic system is going to be a big hit with many EasyCart users!
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NEW - Advanced Option Conditional Logic!

This new feature is only available in our Professional & Premium editions and is something we have been excited about for some time.

Now you can create option sets that have logical conditioning and make choices on which options to show and hide.  Now you can create compelling forms on a product that allows unique product options customized to that user.

Keep reading below for more details or scroll to the bottom and watch our new video tutorial showing you how they work.

As always, be sure to check out our Professional & Premium editions as we continue to evolve into the leading eCommerce platform for WordPress!


Step 1:  Getting Started

If you already use WP EasyCart, you are probably familiar with setting up option sets.  ONLY advanced options can have conditional logic applied to them, so be sure to grab a Professional or Premium license if you are needing to use this feature!

You start by creating all your option sets and choices in our WP EasyCart -> Products -> Option Sets panel.


Step 2:  Configure Option Logic

Next, you edit your product and go to the option sets panel where you begin enabling conditional logic and setting up your rules.  

Show/Hide a field based on all the conditions you set forth in your setup.  Now you can build that perfect form for your product that gives users a better experience before checkout!

Convert more users by streamlining their selections and narrowing down choices for them based on previous option selections.


Step 3:  Test it Out!

In this example, you can see we have a combo box option that, based on the users selection, will show a text box and label below it custom to that choice.

Users will appreciate that you have streamlined the option process!  And now you can collect more accurate option data on a product by taking logical steps in your display.


NEW - Video Tutorial

We try to release an easy to watch video tutorial covering complex items such as these new option sets, so be sure to tune into the new YouTube channel and our video resources once in a while...  we have some good tutorials there.

Example Videos:

  • Setup & Selling on Facebook & Instagram with EasyCart
  • Connecting EasyCart to MailChimp for email campaigns
  • Payment Gateways explained
  • Creating your first EasyCart Product
  • Managing your orders in the EasyCart admin console
  • How to build subscriptions and recurring payment products
  • and many more!!!
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