Customize your products with options & variants like no other eCommerce platform! Even adjust price, change weight, and much more...

WP EasyCart offers you the ability to adjust your products with options to create customized choices for your customers!

With over 12+ product variant types found in our Professional & Premium editions, your customers can tailor their product to their exact needs.

Product Variants Include:

  • Combo Boxes
  • Image Swatchs
  • Text Boxes & Text Areas
  • Checkboxes and Radio Groups
  • Number Fields
  • Dimensional Measurements (inches & sub inches)
  • File Uploads
  • Date Fields with Calendars
  • Quantity Grids

Product Variant Features

  • Increase/Decrease Product Price
  • Product Price Overrides
  • Product Price Multipliers
  • Increase/Decrease Product Weight
  • Product Weight Overrides
  • Product Weight Multipliers
  • Control Product Shipping
  • Create Optional Product File Downloads
Product variants are no doubt a particularly powerful tool when setting up your eCommerce store, be sure to check out our full 'Option Set' document and also our video on working with option sets!


EasyCart allows you to build options & variants, and then attach them to any product.  This modular system allows you to build one option, attach to many products!

Consider if you sell womens shoes, you are able to create one option for 'Women's Shoe Size' and then all of the variants in it.

Once you create the option, you go to each product and simply attach this reusable 'Option Set' to each product.  Now if you get a new shoe size, you can update it in one option and it automatically will appear for all the shoes!



WP EasyCart offers 2 basic option types and 12 advanced option types.

Basic options allow you to control inventory level.  Every combination of option can have its own inventory and control it during orders.

Advanced options allow you to control price much more readily, and offer more flexible choices such as file uploads, radio groups, check boxes, text areas, and other form based fields per product.


Type 1:  Image Swatches (custom image)

Upload your own custom image or color swatch for each selection.  control price, weight, and more with these basic OR advanced option types.


Type 2:  Image Swatches (NO custom image)

Use image swatches without uploading a custom image still produces nice option choices. 


Type 3: Combo Boxes

Use image swatches without uploading a custom image still produces nice option choices. 


Type 4: Date Field

The date field uses a standard browser component and allows users to select a date from a calendar.


Type 5: Radio Groups

Radio Groups are a great advanced option that lets users select only one choice out of the many.


Type 6: Checkbox Groups

Check boxes are similar to Radio Groups, but allow the user to have multiple choices when presented.


Type 7: Text Boxes

Text Boxes allow for a standard text field entry on one line.  Great for collecting basic information at the product level.


Type 8: Text Areas

Text Areas allow you to collect multi-line information at the product level.  Sometimes useful when you need extra instructions from users or any custom instructions that they may open-ended enter.


Type 9: Quantity Grid

This advanced option lets customers add multiple quantities to the cart in one quick effortless entry.  Great for wholesale businesses or large quantity products that get customers ordering quicker.


Type 10: Dimensional Units

This advanced option lets users enter dimensional units in whole units, or in our sub-inch system they can enter fractions as well.  Useful for flooring, construction, fabric, tubing, pipe, and other products.


Type 11: File Uploads

This advanced option allows users to upload a custom file before adding to cart.  Great if you need to collect something from the user such as a graphic, contract, invoice, or other details while they add to cart and order.  You can retrieve these files in our order management interface easily!


Type 12: Number Fields

These basic text fields are actually number specific, and allow you to collect a numeric value, including a minimum, maximum, and step value for the option.


Ready to use Product Variants with WP EasyCart?

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