Learn how the new option system works which allows customers to select multiple download choices.

Version 4.1 has some great new features, one of them being the ability to change up the download files attached to a product.

Photography businesses, Software businesses, Video or Music businesses, eBook businesses, and many others will benefit from this customization!

Learn more below about this powerful new addition! 

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Offer Customer Choices AND Control Downloads
With this new feature, you can let your customer select from multiple options and drive the correct download to the user.  In our photography example, offer different quality images to your user based on their selection.  Our option sets even allow you to adjust the price with their selection, making for a very seamless customer experience.
Create Options that Drive Customer Engagement!
Now you can have option selections that not only engage your user and narrow the product they want, but it also automates the delivery of your product through our download system.
Override or Add new downloads!

You have the option to override or add new downloads to a users order based on an option selection.

Override Downloads - With this selection, setup a base product with a download, and simply override that download with a simple selection.

Add New Download - With this selection, setup a base product with a download, and add extra downloads if the user chooses this option.

The possibilities become endless when you can configure products that dynamically deliver content based on the users choices.  Even control price adjustments for each option selection!

Watch our Photography business demo video
We created a simple example of a Photography business who offers different resolution image downloads based on the users selection. 

We adjust the download delivery as well as price adjustments so that users can quickly select, purchase and download the appropriate file!

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