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WP EasyCart

Grab the latest update, some great new features!

We have released version 4.1.11 and it contains some new features that some of you have been requesting...  
  • New SSL secure mode for your website
  • New Promotion type for Free Shipping 
  • New inventory tracking when 'Added to Cart'
  • New 'Force Password Reset' on customer accounts
  • Several good bug fixes and security fixes
Be sure to check your account at  If you have expired support or upgrades, it is critical to stay current on your account in order to continue receiving updates across all our licenses.

Standard legacy licenses and Professional/Premium licenses can all benefit from these updates and security fixes!
Secure your site with one-click!
Now you can secure your entire website with one-click right from your EasyCart settings.  Previously, you had to install a separate plugin such as 'Really Simple SSL' or 'WordPress HTTPS' to secure your website.

Now you can go to your settings -> checkout and force your site to use SSL secure mode.  All pages should be called via HTTPS:// using this new setting.

NOTE:  You must have an SSL on your website.  Your web host can provide this for you.
Choose when inventory leaves the shelf!
Normal eCommerce will take your inventory off the shelf and remove stock quantity when an order is placed... but now you can use our new 'Add to Cart' inventory system.  

Items will be removed from stock immediately when users 'Add to Cart', and will expire typically in one hour (adjustable in our settings).  If you have fast moving inventory and need finer control over your stock quantities, this is the system you want to use.

To enable, go to the settings -> products inventory panel and enable 'Remove Stock when Add to Cart'.  You can even specify how many hours the system should retain the users cart.
New Promotion Type for EASY Free Shipping!
Whether you use live shipping with UPS, FedEx, USPS or you use table & static shipping rates... you can now offer a simple FREE shipping promotion and apply it to your products.

Depending on your shipping setup, you will now have a new shipping method appear to users who can either select or receive a quick Free Shipping promotion.

Don't Miss Out On Important Benefits!
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