Get the lowdown on the latest new features just released by WP EasyCart!

We have some awesome new features in this weeks release!

We know it is important to keep pushing the limit with EasyCart, and are continuing to release new and usable features every week or two.

It is important that you keep up-to-date with your EasyCart updates & support.  Be sure to log into your account at and update or renew any expired licenses so you continue receiving the latest versions.

As we come into the holidays, it is time to prep our websites and get them ready for shoppers...  Renew, Update, Keep Fresh your website content and start selling like a PRO!


Customize Product Slider

This great little feature will make you more efficient at adding products with the ability to customize what fields show on the quick slide panel.

Now you can add Tax, Shipping, and Quantity right from the slider!

Just look for the link to customize, or visit the settings -> additional settings panel to add/remove fields.

Be sure to check your current account and that you can continue receiving our latest updates each week!


Custom Price Ranges

If you offer products with option sets that change price, this is a new display setting that lets you customize how that product displays.

Setup a price range, such as $50-$75 and it will replace the standard pricing found in the product grid so customers know there is a range of prices depending on the options they select.

While this is optional, it makes for a great display on some stores where product variances are abundant.

Again, be sure to stay current with your updates for better security, up-to-date features, latest bug release fixes and performance enhancements!


Abandoned Cart Email Delay

Our Professional and Premium editions offer the ability to enable/disable the abandoned cart email system.  In the past, it was always set to send at day 3.

Under the Settings -> Additional Settings section of EasyCart, you can adjust exactly what day you would like these emailers to send out.

A good range is between 1 and 3 days, with 3 days being the default setting.  This is a good marketing tool to always enable, learn more by clicking below.

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