Learn how to quickly offer membership content to your users for a more compelling experience on your site, all with WP EasyCart.
WP EasyCart

Create a Paid Members Area with WP EasyCart

If you are looking to add membership content to your WordPress, then WP EasyCart has you covered!

A hidden gem of a feature that many may not know is part of their Professional & Premium edition is the ability to create pages in WordPress and secure them to paid users of any product or subscription.

  • Create any page in WordPress and place member content on it!
  • Secure your member page based on purchases or user account
  • You can give members access to files, videos, or any page material
As a Professional or Premium license holder, you will gain access to the entire membership system, all part of the #1 leading WordPress eCommerce solution.

Secure Any Page with Any Product!

To leverage the member content, simply create a new WordPress page and look for the WP EasyCart Limit Access panel.

  • Option 1 - Restrict Access by Product  (retail or subscription product)
  • Option 2 - Restrict Access by User Account
  • Option 3 - Restrict Access by User Role

Redirect Users to Page Content!

The best part of the WP EasyCart membership system is you control where users go if they are not a member.

User not logged in?  Send them to the account area to login with their account.

User logged in but never purchased?  Send that user to an upsell page to get them to pay for a membership.

You get to control where users go all with a simple url link, WP EasyCart does the rest!


Use Retail or Subscription Products!

The membership system can operate with a one time retail product purchase OR use the Stripe subscription system.

One-time retail goods can easily secure your membership content.  The customer purchases a retail product and EasyCart will look to that account to see if they are a member and have access to the page.

Subscription purchases leverage the Stripe payment and subscription system, and EasyCart will check to make sure an active subscription on the account is available and allow the user to access the member page.

Your business was born for this!
Start creating your professional membership area in WordPress today!
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