WP EasyCart has Mailster integrated in all of our editions; Go free, professional or premium and start your subscriber campaigns...
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WP EasyCart works with Mailster!

We love to show our customers features they may not know they had.  All WP EasyCart editions (free, professional, and premium) come with Mailster already integrated!

What is Mailster you ask? 
Send powerful email campaigns and newsletters directly from WordPress.  Send using powerful email engines like SendGrid, MailGun, AmazonSES, and others all from your WordPress!

How is Mailster different from MailChimp or others?
Mailster is a plugin that installs into your WordPress, allowing you to create email campaigns directly from WordPress...  and it's only $59 bucks!

Learn more about this great integration with EasyCart below!


Send and Track with Mailster

With WP EasyCart + Mailster, all of your eCommerce subscribers will automatically be inserted into your subscriber list.  Create powerful mass email newsletters to your user base and start converting and engaging more of your users!
Pro Edition as low as $5.75 per month
Streamline your professional business with one eCommerce solution for all your needs!
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