Send compelling email newsletter campaigns and automated responses with the premium MailChimp EasyCart extension!
WP EasyCart

Connect with your customers through MailChimp!

The Premium Edition of WP EasyCart offers a selection of powerful extensions to connect your eCommerce system with popular third-party vendors.

MailChimp is one of those extensions that let you collect and campaign to your customers via the most powerful email system available.

  • Plugs directly into your existing WordPress site with EasyCart
  • Seamlessly connects with MailChimp API
  • Syncs your orders, products, and customers to MailChimp
Now you can create powerful autoresponders after customers order, retarget customers based on what they purchase, customize abandoned cart notices, and more with MailChimp!

Exclusively available to Premium Members!

As a premium member, you gain access to all of the EasyCart extensions and Apps that we offer.

Popular Extensions Include:

  • MailChimp - Powerful Email Campaigns
  • ShipStation - Complete Shipping & Postage System
  • Facebook & Instagram Feed - Market & sell across social media!
  • - USPS Shipping Integration
  • Quickbooks for Desktops - Automate Syncing to your PC!
  • and many more!
+ Phone & Tablet Apps:
  • iPhone & Android Phones:  Available on iTunes & Play Store
  • iPad & Android Tablets:  Available on iTunes & Play Store
  • PC & Mac Desktop/Laptops:  Dedicated Apps
  • Push Notifications:  Receive order alerts on your devices!

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Watch our new 15 minute MailChimp video guide on installing and configuring your new Premium Edition MailChimp Extension!
Your business was born for this!
Get started with your premium edition, or upgrade your PRO license anytime!
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