Check out an overview of the great new features in this update release of EasyCart!
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Version 4.1.15 Out!  And It Has Some Cool Things!

The latest edition of EasyCart was released this week and has some very noticeable features that you may want to look at.

1.  New Option Conditional Logic - Show/Hide options based on a variety of conditions!

2.  Better Membership Page Redirects - Now you can redirect and secure a member page to a variety of alternative pages.

3.  Out of Stock Email Lists - If you track inventory and products are out of stock, have them sign-up to get email alerts when back in stock.

These Professional & Premium features have been highly requested by many of our EasyCart customers, so check them out and look for more detailed videos and documentation coming soon!


NEW Option Conditional Logic!

The latest release of WP EasyCart offers the ability to build logic into a product option set.  Now you can show/hide various options based on a set of rules you build using our logic builder.

Now you can refine your product layout and design with necessary fields such as combo boxes, text boxes, check boxes, radio groups, and many other types of option fields.


More Secure Membership Options!

With the release of 4.1.15 of EasyCart, you can now specify a new page with various redirects IF the user is logged in & authorized.

Send users who visit a member page to a purchase page, or ask them to login through account area.  Gain more control with multiple access levels on every WordPress page.


Out-Of-Stock Subscriber System!

If you run inventory tracking on your products, you may want to enable this new system by going to WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Products and 'Allow Customers to Subscribe to Stock Notifications'.

Customers can now receive email notifications once you add stock back into inventory.  Convert more users when your product comes back in stock!

Stay Tuned!  More To Come...
Look for our next newsletter to include more documentation and video tutorial and demonstrations of these new features.  They are fairly complicated, so we want to make sure we get resources out to users soon on how to implement these new features!
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