New EasyCart Features in Administrative Console

We released a new administrative console in the recent days that includes some great new subtle features that really enhance the usability of the application. ?We have been listening to customers and we have been doing usability tests ourselves, and the following are what we have completed so far… with more to come soon.


Quickly create, add to, and remove from Categories

We have seen a lot of customers use categories instead of menus to organize products, which is great, so we have added a new category section to the actual product editing screen. ?If you visit the ‘Menu Locations’ panel in a product, you will see the ability to create new categories, add a product to multiple categories, even remove products from a specific category.




Improved performance with saving and updating data

Before we did not allow you to continue working while a save or update was occurring. ?To help speed up the process, we now allow you to continue working after a save and the application still lets you know that the application is working for you. ?This provides a huge boost in performance and lets you work at a quicker pace.



Multi-Selecting made easier!

A small detail, unless you needed it was to multi-select all the products quickly. ?You will find a small checkbox in the filter bar for user accounts, orders, products, and the country/state management area. ?We found the need to sometimes select all countries for deletion with one click rather than going through several hundred and single deleting them.



Quicker Product creation

You can now add a manufacturer without leaving a product. ?This small improvement can save a lot of time if you organize your products by manufacturers.



While these new improvements are sure to help improve the usability of the application, we do plan to add many more instances throughout our tools to make the process of running a store as easy and fast as possible, while still retaining flexibility.

If you need a new feature, please visit our discussion forums and post a new feature request there!

More to come!