3 Ways to Spring Clean Your eCommerce Store

It is hard to believe we are nearly into the second quarter of the year. What better time to take a deep dive into your WordPress eCommerce store to make sure you are on track to exceed your business goals through the middle of the year?

As you are likely well-aware, a business website is far from a “set it and forget it” project. From keeping competitive with search engine optimization to ensuring your contact and product information is correct – here is an actionable overview for spring cleaning your eCommerce website!

Optimize Your SEO Content

Search Engine Optimization is a hot topic, and all businesses are striving to reach the top spot for certain keywords. In fact, research has found that 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Taking at least a quarterly look at where your website is ranking compared to the competition and identifying keywords you’d like to target is a great goal. Once you have this research in hand, you can make informed decisions about where your website content could use a few tweaks.

You could have the best products or a fantastic service, but if visitors are not landing on your site through organic search – your business will not grow! Maximizing your website’s SEO ensures you will have the customers you need to continue to grow over time.

Use the keywords you have established you would like to rank for in order to create a site map for your website. Write blogs that target the problems your ideal customer will likely face and update your product descriptions. You can go one step further and run diagnostics on your website to determine if it is loading at optimal speed and identify broken links. These are improvements that will keep visitors from bouncing due to a slow load time and make your website a more enjoyable place to visit online. While you are updating SEO, it is also a great time to double-check things like your contact information and update any new employees or products.

In order to be a success, you will want to check your website quarterly to make updates to these areas and ensure they are set up effectively, so your website is show up at the top of website searches!

Optimize Website Usability and Navigation

After you have optimized your website, you will notice an uptick in visitors, but your next mission is to interest and excite visitors enough to make a purchase. To do this, you will want to have your menu navigation set up as user-friendly as possible. Take some time each quarter to make sure where your pages are in your menu makes sense and are easy to locate. This might mean having your contact information available in both your menu and header or reorganizing how your products are placed in your product pages.

This is especially important because you could have a visitor who is ready to browse your products and eventually make a purchase find it is too cumbersome to search your products and opt to head over to a competitor’s website instead. Studies have shown that the biggest hurdles your visitors are facing can be identified by asking only 5 users to test and give feedback on your website. By having a streamlined menu and easy-to-understand product pages means your guests can find what they are looking for – and quickly!

Update Payment and Chat Options

Have you ever gotten ready to checkout during an online purchase only to discover your preferred payment method isn’t available or the website was showing errors? This is very frustrating for both the online store and the customers! Take a quarterly look at your payment options and see if there are any new updates or upgrades that can be made. Payment options such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, PayPal, and Stripe are considered standard for eCommerce so make sure you are staying competitive with the options you are offering. You can go a step further and pretend you are a customer and completed the checkout process for yourself. This way you will see what your confirmation emails look like and make updates to those as well if needed.

Finally, consider adding a chat option to your website. There are automated and “real person” chat options available. Having a chat feature means visitors have access to information easily and quickly, which will encourage them to purchase from your store.

We hope you have found these spring cleaning tips useful and have a few upgrades in mind to make on your website! If you are looking to upgrade your eCommerce product pages with ease, WP EasyCart makes it simple. You can download it for free today, or give the Pro version a try for even more options!