Pre-Launch Checklist for your Membership Website in 2021

Looking to launch your membership website? We’ve got you covered with this checklist. Check out the items below and make sure you avoid common challenges that come with starting a membership program!

Membership Website & The User Experience

You’ll want to ensure that potential customers know how to get in contact with you. This is important for several reasons. Customers will feel as though their purchase is being made through a repudiable website if there is a way to get in touch with customer service If needed. Additionally, having a chat service and FAQ section gives a sense of security to customers that might have questions about your products or services offered.

Next, you will want to test the speed of your website. Google recommends your website should be loaded in under two seconds. Here is a useful tool from Google you can use to test your website and identify areas to improve. A snappy website is essential, especially with an eCommerce business. A slow to load site can be frustrating to shoppers and a site that is slow-to-load is the #1 reason users bounce from a website! In fact, 25% of your visitors will leave your site in less than 4 seconds if it doesn’t load.

Take a moment to test all the forms on your website. From the contact form to email lists opt-ins and lead management sign-ups. Make sure all buttons are working and the information in these sections is correct and error-free. Ensure once information is entered in the forms that you receive a confirmation either by pop up or a follow-up email.

Review all links on your website. Have a look at your menu header and footers and check to see if the links load to the appropriate sections. Scroll through the main pages of your website and do the same.

Make sure your 404 page is set up! This is a page for visitors who attempt to visit a page that doesn’t exist or is down at the time. You can take the opportunity to add additional information to this page for people who land on it are so they are encouraged to stay on the website with recommended areas to visit or the FAQ section.

Add search functionality to your website. This is particularly useful for eCommerce websites so visitors can instantly search for an item they are looking for instead of having to navigate your website’s menu. This is also great for quick searches of topics that lead to blog content to answer common questions as well.

Design & Membership Website

Be sure to have your brand standards met with the font, colors, and general look of the website. This establishes your brand for visitors and gives a cohesive look.

Have a look at the buttons on your site. Update calls to action to entice and excite visitors to “Learn More” or “Start Saving Now.”

Have clearly identified tiers or distinctions between membership options and what is included. You can design a chart for comparison or simply list the options and features for each. There are also pricing strategies to use in the section that makes upgrading to choosing a higher-priced membership a no-brainer.

Take a look at your website from your phone, tablet, computer and laptop. You will want to ensure it is loading quickly and that videos and photos are sized correctly. An unprofessional look is an easy reason for visitors to simply leave and check out a competitor.

eCommerce & Membership Website

Complete the checkout process for yourself. We demonstrated a test walk through using WP EasyCart, if you would like to learn more. You’ll want to ensure coupon codes are working and members are receiving follow up emails as needed.

Test out your membership dashboard. Take the perspective of a member and identify if anything can be made clearer, easier to find, or simpler. This will minimize questions from members and allow easy use. Take it a step further and check out any videos, downloads, or tools that come with the membership and make sure they are all accessible and included in the correct memberships.

There you have it! A quick list of items to tackle before launching your membership website! We’ve got more resources to make sure you knock it out of the park. Head over to our YouTube channel for detailed video guides or check out our recent blogs for guides and tips!