Web Hosting Options – Which is Right for You?

If you run an eCommerce store, it is especially important to choose the right hosting provider. From slow loading speeds, outdated security, and poorly managed servers, a lot can go wrong if you don’t do your research.

Not to worry! We’ve put together a guide detailing the different options for website hosting in 2021 as well as the perks and setbacks that come with each – read more below!

Where to Start with Web Hosting

Managing an online store means you will require an eCommerce hosting package that includes features tailored for your business. This can include things from free SSL encryption, unique security options, and assistance setting up payment gateways. Top web hosts will provide fast and dependable platforms for your website and some include other services like email.

We recommend you avoid free or extremely inexpensive shared hosting. This is for a few reasons. WordPress requires a good service to run smoothly research as found this is a top reason for guests to leave a website. You will want a robust provider, so your visitors have a smooth journey from browsing your shop to making a purchase. 

Top eCommerce hosts include Blue Host and WP Engine.

Choosing Your Platform

While building an eCommerce store is much less expensive than building a storefront, it does still require some upfront time and effort to set up. This all starts with the platform you use for your online store.

When deciding the platform for your eCommerce store there are many options. WP EasyCart is one the of most popular eCommerce plugins in the world, and for good reason. It’s relatively simple to use and offers free support and set-up assistance.

WP EasyCart is free and powered by a team of programmers and support staff. This means you can count on access to plenty of personalized help and the options you need for your eCommerce business. EasyCart will walk you through the process of getting your online store step by step once installed. 

Here are some things you should look for in an eCommerce platform:

  • Unlimited products
  • Integration with PayPal, Stripe, and other third-party payment options
  • Updated shipping and tax options
  • Promotion options for sales
  • Custom development options 

Additionally, select a plugin that you can grow with! You’ll want to make changes to your website and learn about updates and features to include as you scale your business. Save yourself the frustration of having to change plugins midstream by doing your homework upfront. Flexible software features, combined with intuitive back-end set up and award-winning support make WP EasyCart an easy option when getting started and as you expand.

Download WP EasyCart today for free and let’s set your store up from start to finish as quickly and easily as possible!