Earn 20% for your Reviews!

We value your opinion and we are looking for trial users and current customers to leave positive feedback. ?In doing so, you can submit a link to us via our contact page, we will review the comment and send you a coupon worth 20% off the purchase of WP EasyCart products.*

Where to leave a comment?

You can submit a review, leave a comment about our shopping cart, recommend it via different social media channels, or comment via online forums of your choosing. ?We recommend a few good places to leave a comment:

WordPress Plugin ?Reviews
WordPress Blogs (ex:?http://www.wpexplorer.com?or http://www.sellwithwp.com)

Where do I submit my Comment or Review?

Just send us an email through our contact page on our website: ?http://www.wpeasycart.com/contact-information? — Send us the link to your review and we’ll send you a coupon code.

What’s the coupon code good for?

Obviously we are looking for positive reviews to help spread the word about the low cost and feature rich nature of the WP EasyCart. ?If we review your comments and they seem objective and professional, we will send you a coupon code worth 20%*, at our discretion, and you can use it to checkout on our website. ?This will apply toward the purchase of the Lite or Standard WP EasyCart plugin.

Does a?Facebook?like count?

No, that’s too easy 🙂 ?We are looking for a full 2 sentences, at least. ?We do still encourage you to like our Facebook page! The only way to get access to our latest promotions is by connecting with us via social media, so what are you waiting for, like us now!

Do I have to give you 5 stars?

No, we encourage you to post your objective opinion, especially if you are a trial user or paid customer who has used the software. ?We are always looking to improve and understand if things are not always perfect. The only way to let us know of issues with the plugin is through good feedback! ?We will leave it to common sense and our discretion if it’s a review that has some thought and concise detail and worth a 20% coupon!*

* Discount applies to the purchase of a Lite or Standard version of the WP EasyCart plugin only.