Three Proven Ways Any Business Can Drive Website Traffic to their eCommerce Store

You’ve done it! You started your business, created your website, added your products and now – you just need to start making sales! The world of eCommerce is extremely competitive and with millions of them trying to attract buyers, how will you stand out? We’ve compiled three proven ways you can increase website traffic to your eCommerce store and increase your bottom line!

#1. Start a Referral Program

Word of mouth is a fantastic way to increase your website traffic and improve sales. In fact, word of mouth and the referrals that follow constitute the most trusted form of advertising. Recent studies have found that 75% of people are highly skeptical of advertisements, but 90% trust recommendations from family and friends and 70% believe customer reviews.

You can make the most of these findings by making your happiest customers into constant advocates for your brand! If you are able to get people to refer their friends and family to your eCommerce business, you will increase your website traffic. This does not have to be as challenging as it might seem. Sometimes, all you have to do it ask and offer a small incentive.

Incentives can be everything from a small discount to the new customer just for being referred along with a chance to win a gift card for every person referred – or even a more direct discount, like a free month’s subscription for every new referral or a steep discount on products.

#2. Host a Giveaway

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Giveaways are a fun way to excite customers while gaining increased exposure for our eCommerce store. First, consider the goal for your campaign. Are you looking to increase followers on Facebook? Get more people to your website? Whatever the case may be, you will want to target having those interactions be part of your giveaway.

Prizes should be relevant to your store or industry and be something your targeted ideal customer is interested in. From free products you sell in your store to a membership you offer; this type of giveaway is sure to attract people interested in what you have to offer. Many companies opt to have giveaways on social media that ask that you tag others in an image, like or share a post, or visit their website.

#3. Leverage Social Media Advertising

Most people running an eCommerce store are well aware of advertising through Facebook and Instagram, but few are aware of just how powerful and far-reaching even a small daily ad spend can be. Research has found that spending only $5 a day on Facebook ads yielded an average of 9 likes per day, 1 click to a landing page and 787 new potential customers reached.

What’s more, digital marketing is getting better and better at targeting your ideal customers online. From retargeting people who visit your website, to showing up in the news feed of the people on your mailing list – advertisements on social media are a sure way to increase followers and attract people to your eCommerce store!

#4. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help your customers find great products on your website, but did you know they also are great for advertising? WP EasyCart can help you with customers reviews, learn more here

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