Top Tips to Improve Customer Reviews

When setting up an eCommerce website, there are many working parts and much to consider, including customer reviews. Reviews and testimonials commonly fall to the wayside because a new eCommerce business will likely not have many. However, in a global digital marketplace, reviews are more important than ever.

Like so many of us, you have likely found yourself on the second page of Amazon reviews trying to decide if the item was right for you. Or, you’ve done a quick scan of reviews on Yelp before checking out the new restaurant in town.

Reviews are here to stay and business owners are wising up to their true value. Are you using your reviews to highlight your products and excite your customers? Read on to learn how you can leverage reviews to grow your eCommerce business!

Highlight Existing Customer Reviews

Reviews are beneficial in many ways. From proof of concept for a buyer still considering taking the leap and purchasing to making your business seem more trustworthy. Reviews often include personal accounts illustrating how your product benefits the reviewer personally and in doing so, the review speaks to the reservations of a future buyer.

Here is an example:

“I love these v-neck tee shirts! I was nervous to order because I was not able to try them on. However, the product images and sizing made choosing the right one for me easy! I have also washed the dried the shirt and am happy to report there was no shrinking. I will be purchasing more!”
– Sally Reviewer

This review is powerful because it offers glowing feedback and lets readers know they should take advantage of the size charts because they are correct. Consider displaying reviews that reference specific products like the example above on the product page. It will not only increase sales and buyer confidence, but it will encourage additional reviews in the future!

Check out a working example for us here.

Follow Up Soon After Purchase

Make sure you keep in touch with buyers soon after purchasing! This is commonly done by sending either an email or a text. This touchpoint can be a fantastic opportunity for ensuring buyers are pleased with their purchase. Be sure to collect email addresses as well as phone numbers from all buyers. Create a list to collect all purchases through your CRM, like MailChimp or KEAP. You can then create “drip campaigns” to keep customers up to date on sales, special offers, and relevant blog articles.

Offer Incentive for Reviews

One popular strategy is to send the first point of contact asking the customer to review their purchase on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. For the customers that given 5 stars, consider sending them a second email or text with a great discount code they can claim once they leave a detailed review on your website.

This is a proactive approach and will surprise the customer and increase customer satisfaction. This method will likely add more loyal customers and work to keep poor reviews off of your website and allow resolving those complaints to be completed in private!

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