THE MUST START Business in 2018

As we move towards 2018 we’ve been seeing this type of business popup left and right AND be successful. The business is a monthly shipment, recurring payment model. That sounds complicated, but what I mean are companies like Blue Apron, Dollar Shave Club, Short-Par-Four, Tastes of Chicago, and SO MANY MORE! If you haven’t heard of any of these, I’m sorry, but take a moment and look them up. Each one is the same thing, pay a monthly fee and get a monthly shipment of something, or prepay 3 months and get 3 monthly shipments of something. You may be thinking, this is too simple, why would people want this, etc… I get it. Let me explain, I think you will like what you hear!

Why This Model Works

  • Recurring Payments are AWESOME.
  • Monthly shipments feel like you are getting a gift. That’s right, a birthday every month, like when you were a kid. Sign me up!
  • Inventory can change month to month, while keeping inventory costs low. Its as easy as buying something on sale, box it up, and ship it at a higher cost.
  • People forget to cancel or are just too lazy to do it. That simple fact is money in the bank for your next business.

How to Pick Your Business

Picking your next recurring business is the challenging part. There are hundreds of great books out there to explain this, but my philosophy here is two fold, find a theme and pick something you’d want. Keep it simple. Here are some great themes that already exist:

  • Tastes of Chicago – Straight from Chi-town with all your favorite foods including deep dish pizza!
  • Slime Box Club – Get a monthly shipment of SLIME for your kids.
  • Short Par 4 – For all those golfers who need a new style every month.
  • Dollar Shave Club – Shaving is hard, make it easy.
  • Blue Apron – Weekly shipments of great ingredients that you can cook at home.
  • Vinebox – Wine, every month, by the glass.
  • The Empire Crate – Your favorite NYC treats shipped monthly.

How to Promote?

There are obviously hundreds of ways to start advertising, including social media, Google Adwords, and many more traditional means. I personally like Groupon as it allows you to set a price you want to earn and blast out a code giving customers a big discount. Also, it works. I’ve seen it personally take a business from zero to 500 sales a day in 6 weeks.

WP EasyCart Has the Tools, Get Started!

YES! WP EasyCart already has all the tools to make this work, even if you have 500 shipments a day. Here is what we like to use:

  1. WP EasyCart for the Store
  2. WP EasyCart PRO to enable Stripe subscriptions
  3. WP EasyCart Premium for the GROUPON Extension (Just get Premium to start!)
  4. WP EasyCart Premium for the ShipStation Extension.

To Setup:

  1. Setup your monthly subscription products, we recommend offering monthly, 3 month recurring, or 6 month recurring products.
  2. Sign up with Groupon and get your codes in a spreadsheet.
  3. Upload those codes through the WP EasyCart Groupon Extension, they’ll automatically go into the cart and add to Stripe when the customer checks out.
  4. Enable monthly shipments via the ShipStation Extension settings, this will allow you to sell subscription where customers pay every 3 or 6 months and still automatically show you shipments that need to go out each month.

If you still have questions just contact WP EasyCart at?