Tips and Tricks for Order Fulfillment Using WP EasyCart

Having a well-planned and consistent order fulfillment process will help your eCommerce business continue to gain customers and build a relationship of trust for future purchases. Additionally, streamlining your fulfillment process means more sales and the ability to scale your business and reach new buyers!

Read on to discover how you can use WP EasyCart’s tools to optimize your eCommerce business’s fulfillment and keep your buyers happy and coming back for more!

Backorder Set-Up Made Easy

Backordering is a fantastic way to make the most of your inventory even if space is limited. WP EasyCart offers the option to edit a product, and under advanced listing options you can select ‘Allow Backorder’. From there you just enter an expected delivery date!

This essentially turns on the backorder system while still allowing customers to add to the cart and pay for the items but shows the estimated date to the customer so they are aware when ordering.

To do this just edit a product and go to shipping set up for that product, you can turn on back-ordering, and even leave a custom message like ‘Expected delivery in 2-3 weeks” or whatever additional details you’d like to give!

Setting Up Low Stock / Out of Stock Automatic Email Notifications

Quantity options allow you to get specific information on how many of a product you offer for sale. WP EasyCart offers many ways to track quantities, either globally or by individual options you may have. For example, you could sell 50 sweatshirts and them globally! Each time a sale occurs, one is removed from the inventory. If you want to track at the option level, you may have 50 sweatshirts that consist of 20 small, 20 medium, and 10 large. In this case, you can track these individual option items!

One feature that is very popular around the holiday rush is the “Back in Stock” email notification, if this is not something you are currently taking advantage of, now is the time to enable this feature and maximize your sales this holiday season!

This optimization is fantastic to take advantage of because if a visitor is interested enough to sign up on a product’s waitlist – they are likely seeking the item and will be ready to make a purchase when it is available.

Here is how you enable the Back in Stock Email Feature in WP EasyCart:

Step 1: Go to settings -> Products and turn ON the ‘Stock Notification: Customers’ slider. This will allow a form to appear when items are 0 zero in-stock quantities.

Step 2: Edit your Product -> quantities and have stock quantity tracking enabled. When the product hits zero, it will display a form for users to sign up for email alerts when back in stock.

When the product comes back in stock, you can visit the Product -> Quantities panel to see a list of those subscribed.

You can update the quantity of your product so it is back in stock and then press the ‘Notify’ button to send an email to the users that the item is back in stock. This is a manual process but gives you great control over who receives the notification. If you have 20 subscribers, and only 10 more back in stock, you can send out to the first 10 users only.

Learn More About Setting Quantity Options and Waitlists with WP EasyCart here!

Managing Coming Soon & Seasonal Products

Few things build excitement as much as limited offers and sneak peeks of products coming soon – especially around the holidays. Buyers are looking for the latest and greatest products for their family and friends. With WP EasyCart, there are price display options that allow you to show seasonal items and hide prices until they are formally launched as well as many other ways to personalize displayed pricing!

Coming Soon Settings WP EasyCart

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