Ecommerce Coupon Marketing Strategies

In the modern eCommerce climate, online shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy. They know how to compare brands to determine which is currently offering the best coupons to maximize savings in an uncertain and rebounding economy.

How can eCommerce coupon marketing and your store meet the increasing demand for discounts while still meeting or exceeding their sales goals for the year? We’ve got you covered!

Build Out Your Email List

Digital data is so valuable, especially if it is data from warm leads and potential customers. Many eCommerce stores will offer a first-time discount if you opt in to their email list. Consider this strategy for your own shop! You can do this too, and quickly build an impressive email list by only giving away a small 10% discount! Even a small incentive like this one will encourage customers to opt-in if they are interested in your products. Why not save even a little bit?

Incentivize Customers to Buy More

Industry leaders like GAP and Nike use this trick and it is a simple change you can add to your website to motivate buyers to spend more. By including prominently placed spending “goals” you can boost average order totals. As an example, you have likely seen prompts displayed near the top of a website you are currently shopping that read something like “You’re only $10 away from FREE SHIPPING!” or “You’re only $10 away from a 30% discount!”

This small change incentivizes the customer to add additional items to their order for a perceived saving – all while you make more sales!

Focus on the Holidays

Using “MERRY” as a coupon code for around the winter holidays or “USA” for Independence Day, can suggest urgency in using the code in a short time period and also adds a timely touch to your marketing. It’s also wise to use popular culture as a starting point for your marketing efforts because it is easier for users to recall and remember your coupon codes and will encourage them to check back for seasonal offers in the future!

In-App or Online-Only Coupons

This is very specific to certain stores, but if you have an app linked to your store, consider running an “App Only” offer. This is a great way to encourage customers to not only buy from your store – but download your app! You can put together an exciting email announcing the offer and send it to your email list.

Additionally, if you manage an online as well as a brick-and-mortar store, consider running an offer that is exclusive to your online store. This strategy is a fantastic way to get your in-store customers to make the leap to shopping online. Some brands will offer certain products or color choices exclusively online for this same reason!

Student or Job Specific Discounts

By offering online discounts to a specific group, you are likely to experience long-term benefits and a spike in sales. Consider what your customer avatar looks like and what line of work or daily life might look like – and how to reach them. For example, if your eCommerce store sells medical scrubs, why not try a coupon targeted to them specifically? This is beneficial on multiple levels, it builds brand awareness from other medical professionals seeing the scrubs on their peers, as well as increases perceived value by the item appearing “en vogue” and stylish.

There you have it! Some great strategies you can implement quickly to your eCommerce coupon strategy! Do you have any strategies you’d like to share? Curious on driving more traffic to your eCommerce website, check this out! Are you looking to add coupon functionality to your online store? Download WP EasyCart today!