Payment Gateways You NEED in 2021

The best payment gateways make it an intuitive experience to accept and process payments online. Payment gateways allow you to take card payments online through an eCommerce store or when making purchases in brick-and-mortar establishments. This essentially means these gateways offer payment processing on and offline, in addition to working with Point of Sale (POS) processing in-store.

eCommerce stores are popping up by the hundreds daily – here are the top three payment gateways your store needs to stay competitive in the current eCommerce space.


With over 220 million active accounts globally, PayPal is easily the most popular payment gateway and a must-have for your eCommerce store. It was established in the late ‘90s and was a forerunner in the eCommerce arena. Initially, PayPal was used to transfer payments and has since grown to become a powerhouse in the credit card process space. For this reason, it is widely recognized and trusted by customers looking to purchase online.

PayPal offers payment processing for e-commerce around the world! It allows users to accept credit cards including American Express and Visa. It also provides easy shopping cart integration, extensive customization options, online invoice creation.

Their pricing is considered competitive, with online payment processing currently at 2.9% per transaction and no monthly fees and in-store payments at 2.7%.


Stripe is another clear top player in eCommerce. The company moves billions of dollars of eCommerce spending yearly. What makes Stripe unique is its customizable payment setup, and this is also what can make it tricky for beginners. Its conception is what sets it apart. Stripe was conceived to solve the problem of developers looking to accept payments. In its infancy, Stripe listened to feedback from its users and has gone on to be a top option for users looking to utilize powerful developer tools.

The gateway boasts the ability to create subscriptions/memberships and to crowdfund. Additionally, is works well with website languages including Java, Python and more.

Another element that sets Stripe apart is that it can support over a hundred international currencies and offers features including membership billing and one-click checkout.

With Visa as its parent company, is a top gateway to consider for your website. can be optimized to work with eCommerce stores from large to small. Much like the other gateways mentioned, it can be used both online and in-store!

Users can accept payments from websites and transfer earnings into bank accounts with ease. It supports all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, it works well with digital payment providers like Apple Pay and PayPal. Stripe also has the distinction of being able to process in 24 hours instead of 48 as is needed with most other options.


Utilizing multiple gateways makes great sense as a business owner when you consider the flexibility it gives your business. Additionally, by working with multiple gateways, you can easily shift your transactions to varying partners your business needs change. You will also benefit from having several top options as payment gateways because your customers can feel comfortable purchasing from your eCommerce store in the method they are most familiar with.

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