Marketing Integrations that are quick and affordable

Optimize Your Marketing Integrations Quickly and Affordably

What use is an eCommerce plugin if you can’t easily leverage marketing integrations and features? We’ve put together an overview of the features WP EasyCart offers to optimize your marketing efforts with ease!

We are proud to have been a player in the eCommerce industry for more than a decade, and we have learned a few things along the way. WP EasyCart stands apart from the many other plugin offerings in the eCommerce space because we empower you to sell virtually anything – including gift cards, memberships and subscriptions with no add-on fees.

The following are some of WP EasyCart’s most popular marketing integrations and features you should be sure to take full advantage of to maximize your marketing interactions and sales!

Apple Pay and Google Pay as Marketing Integrations using Stripe or Square

WP EasyCart gives you the tools to manage your WordPress store from the office or on the go. Stripe not only allows you to sell any type of product, including membership & subscription products, but it is also European Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant. Stripe even lets your customers pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, & Microsoft Pay. Moreover, Square is fully integrated with Apple and Google Pay. These payment gateways are a fantastic way to include in your marketing strategy because it gives buyers the confidence to make purchases in the method they are most comfortable and accustomed to.

Additionally, you can use the Stripe integration ability to create subscriptions/memberships, and add another stream of income to your business – without paying more as is the case with WooCommerce.

Email Marketing Integration with MailChimp

Our MailChimp extension allows you to seamlessly collect subscribers through WP EasyCart and your shopping cart, while sending subscribers automatically into your MailChimp lists. Utilize MailChimp’s powerful email campaign system while allowing your customers to sign-up through your shopping cart. You can use email marketing in countless ways to stay in front of your customers and remain top of mind. Common strategies include weekly or monthly newsletters promoting offers and automating abandoned cart emails for visitors who stop just short of hitting the “purchase” button.

MailChimp also gives you the ability to segment your list, which means you can do an even better job of speaking directly to your client’s interests according to where they opted in, instead of creating general and less personal emails!

Sync Easily with QuickBooks

WP EasyCart’s Quickbooks for Desktops extension allows you to quickly sync orders, customers, and products down to your desktop Quickbooks. No need to export orders or customer accounts and manually import data to your company file. Simply set up the extension and let your WP EasyCart data sync down to your Quickbooks.

WP EasyCart prides itself on being the best choice for startups and small business owners. The interface is intuitive to understand and use making it easy to set up and manage on your own. Learn more about how Wp EasyCart is standing apart from the competition and get started on your free trial today!